Becoming a Member

Who is eligible?

We only accept new member candidates with a valid PAL or RPAL.

What is required to complete the training?

  • A .22LR rifle and 300-500 rounds of ammunition will be required (if you don’t have a suitable rifle, one can be provided at additional cost).
  • Eye and hearing protection
  • Important: You must be available on two consecutive Sunday afternoons when new member training is scheduled. The classroom session and Practical Session #1 must be consecutive. The remaining two practical sessions need not be consecutive (although Sunday afternoon’s are preferred, other options may be available.)

The person scheduling your training will provide session dates. Class sizes are limited.

What is involved?

Regardless of prior shooting experience, becoming a Maple Leaf Marksmen member is a multi-step process:

  • New Member Application is available at our clubhouse
  • complete the application and drop it off in the New Member Mailbox in our clubhouse
  • you will be contacted regarding New Member Session scheduling
  • attend and complete the theory (classroom) portion of the New Member Program
  • attend and complete a minimum of 3 practical range sessions with an instructor
  • pass a verbal test of all the material covered during training
  • display knowledge of range safety & security procedures based on our club Rules and Regulations, and club Policies.
  • complete and pass a simple shooting test scoring 10/10 on the  target at 20 yards

Course Complete – Welcome to Maple Leaf Marksmen!

At MLM, safety is our highest priority and we believe that attending and passing our New Member course will give you a good understanding of our club rules.

(please note: Director approval is required after successful course completion)

Drop your application off and you will be contacted in order for the next new training session!

Be safe – Have fun