Black Powder Shooting

Our Club  is very active in black powder shooting.


  1. Both Muzzle loading (percussion & flintlock) & Inline rifles
  2. Pistol
  3. Black Powder Shotgun (3rd Tuesday of the month)


Black powder shooters have been getting together for numerous years, every Tuesday , Thursday & Saturday morning from 9:00am until noon to hone their skills in the art of black powder shooting and sit around to tell stories of their past experiences.


Maple Leaf hosts a variety of Black Powder matches over the course of the year:

  1. We host a yearly invitational match, usually the last Saturday in April which is open to all black powder shooters from various clubs.
  2. There is a yearly aggregate match which is open to all club members. There is one target shot per month, with the aggregate score at the end of the year being added up to win the pot and have the winners name placed on our “Horn” trophy. Cost for this match has always been $ 20.00 per year with half going to the winner and the other half going to the club.
  3. The third Tuesday of the month there is a black powder shotgun match & again the aggregate score over the year gives us a winner.

I should also mention that Maple Leaf Marksmen is well known for traveling to other clubs throughout the province, competing at their invitational matches.

Getting Started:

As with all the other types of shooting at Maple Leaf, it is highly recommended that one come out and be supervised by the other Black Powder shooters in order to learn our safe loading techniques & proper handling of black powder firearms per Club rules.

Please keep in mind that all black powder shooters are more than willing to assist a new shooter in getting started and most will even let new black powder shooters try their firearm prior to going out and purchasing their own.